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4 Vaginal Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know

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Vaginal hygiene is something that many women don’t like to talk about. Not only is talking openly about your private parts traditionally been considered taboo, the word “hygiene” comes with a stigma in that it implies that you’re dirty unless you take steps to stay clean. The fact is, our bodies are beautifully designed to keep themselves clean under ideal circumstances. However, our diet, habits, products we use, and clothing we wear can throw your system out of balance. 

Just as children learn to brush their teeth and wash their hands, vaginal hygiene is also an important part of staying healthy. Over half of the population has a vagina, so knowing how to care for it is something that everyone should be educated on. To get you started, we at Luxxglow Wellness would like to share four things everyone should know.   

Image of a woman taking a shower

Avoid Using Regular Soap

Washing from head to toe while you’re in the shower shouldn’t be anything new, but if you use regular soap or body wash to clean down there, you could be causing more harm than good. That’s because many soaps are made with harsh chemicals and irritating perfumes. Even more, they can hurt the beneficial bacteria in your vagina and change the pH. Both of these things can contribute to the growth of unwanted and unhealthy bacteria.

The next time you shower, make sure you use a cleanser that’s specifically formulated to wash your most sensitive parts. Luxxglow Wellness’s Clean and Fresh Foam Wash is specifically formulated to maintain a natural pH and keep you fresh throughout the day. It’s hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates, or parabens. 

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Cleanse After Intercourse

Every time you have sex, it’s important to wash afterward. That’s because bacteria, yeast, and irritants from lubricants or condoms can spread, creating a higher risk for infections.  Washing with a mild cleanser such as our Sweet and Refresh Bar can help rid your body of unwanted microorganisms that can make you more prone to infections such as bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections.  This cleansing bar uses herbs that are also known to reduce itching and inflammation, act as a natural antibiotic, and it’s safe to use every day on any part of your body.

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Avoid Douching

Many women, especially those who suffer from itching,  unpleasant smells, or other issues commonly caused by yeast or bacteria will tend to rely on douching to fix the problem. Unfortunately, this usually only makes the problem worse as douching can disrupt your natural pH balance and destroy good bacteria. A better solution is to use natural products that work with your body to restore it to its natural health. To help with this, Luxxglow Wellness has created a Restore and Balance Capsule. Boric acid is a natural, homeopathic medicine that also contains vaginal probiotics. It works to relieve your uncomfortable symptoms such as burning and itching while also helping to restore and balance your vaginal flora.

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Avoid Feminine Hygiene Products With Artificial Fragrances

There are many different kinds of feminine hygiene products out there and many of them contain irritating fragrances and perfumes designed to cover up unpleasant smells. Scented wipes, deodorants, and soaps may sound like a good idea, but they can actually worsen the problem.  A better approach is to use only natural products that are free from the most common irritants. Our Rejuvenating Vaginal Oil is made with natural ingredients known to boost moisture, prevent chronic infections, and soothe itching. Not only that, but it contains essential plant oils for a light, fresh scent.  


Whether you struggle with frequent vaginal problems, infections, or you just want to improve your vaginal health, we encourage you to try the specially formulated products from Luxxglow Wellness. Each one is made with all-natural and organic ingredients including herbs and essential oils. Not sure which products to try first? Try all of our best-selling items and save money by ordering our Perfect Pleasure Box
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