Vaginal Steaming Benefits

What is vaginal steaming? 

“Also known as ‘V-steaming’ or ‘yoni steaming,’ vaginal steaming involves squatting or sitting over a pot of hot, steaming water that is infused with herbs, blanket is often wrapped around the lower body to prevent the steam from escaping

Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating. After receiving high praise on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website the practice has surged in popularity.

Recently, vaginal steaming has entered the chat. But this practice isn’t new. Vaginal steaming has been around for centuries, it can help increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones. detoxified of the womb, faster recovery after childbirth, hemorrhoid relief, fatigue, infections, yeast infection, dryness and BV 

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