Luxxglow Mobile Service

We offer a variety of spa services such as yoni womb steaming and  Womb massage. Steaming session runs 45 minutes/ One hour.

Our mobile service  offers  group sessions for six person max. Book us for all your event & parties needs. Couples steam session, graduation party, Book club, Girls night, Bridal party, Sip & paint. Vagicare/ Spa is the only mobile wellness company that will have you feeling relax, renew, rejuvenate, energized, confident, calm and balance.

A Yoni steam (often referred to as a V-Steam) is an effective and relaxing way to promote reproductive health. The V-Steams are ph balanced to help the body naturally cleanse the vaginal and Assist with Menstrual cramps, vaginal tightness, hemorrhoids, heavy menstruation, balances hormones, strengthen uterus, assist with menopausal symptoms, recovery after childbirth, feminine odor, regulate menstruation, fluid retention, fertility, remove waste which contributes to cyst, fibroids,  and tumors, destroys fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, repairs damaged tissues, and assist with infection, bacteria and discharge

We will personalize your experience to ensure your event is a success.

We make it easy to book your events and provide everything needed for your service.


 We believe in the strength and value of water, and we encourage every client to drink plenty of water before and after each visit.