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 Key Benefit

  • Help reduced cramping.
  • hormone balance
  • May reduced bloating.
  • healthy skin 
  • Relaxation
  • Less mood swings.
  • Improved blood circulation
  •  Our Tea has been skillfully formulated for all the Womb Carriers out there who are looking to regulate their cycle. This tea is the blend every woman needs and deserves. This helps with menstrual cramps, balancing hormones, menopause, as well as increases libido. Our womb is our second heart.  often times we store a lot of trauma and stagnant energy in our wombs and in order for our creativity and divinity to flow we have to move that undesirable energy. Each herb has been carefully selected because of its specific healing property for the womb. These are made with a lot of LOVE and with prayers of healing energy specifically for the WOMB.

This is ideal for women with endometriosis, PCOS, after hysterectomy, and any other reproductive area issues. 


Red raspberry, Red date, longan, Ginger Chinese wolfberry, Rose, Ginseng, Rock Sugar.

Helps with relieving cramps and heavy menstrual periods, warms the womb and relieves menstrual pain, detoxes the womb and vagina, balances hormones, helps with skin dryness, fertility issues, and provides many other wonderful benefits. It also makes for a great wintertime tea as it warms the body.


  • Steep 1 tea bag in 8 oz of boiling water for 3-5 min, sweeten  if you prefer.
  • womb tea can be used anytime, up to twice a day. 
  • It can be used over a longer period of time (months).

10  tea bags


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
A Macarthy
Love it

This tea tastes great. It's calming, soothing and relieves discomfort.

Miley C

I’ve been waiting a while to make this review I’ve been drinking this tea for three months now it’s always good to wait and see if things are actually working and I can tell you I have noticed a big difference after 5 weeks. The taste is mild it is helpful if you add some honey or sugar. After visiting her shop I learned so much more about vaginal dryness and what the benefit of each herbs in my tea


The tea isn’t bad! You don’t need much in the cup. It did help me with my bloating and period cramps. I will continue to use it and see if it has the same affect six months from now

Rhodine Thompson

I drank some before bed.. it help relax me. But also had me going to the bathroom several times.

Toni P
Stick by my side 💜💜

Great ingredients and good quality. Great taste. Have no idea if it balances my hormones over the long run because i only just started using the product. This is my second time buying this. I bought it two years ago, found out I was pregnant but it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. I ended up losing my right tube. I decided on a whim that I would buy this again and try to see what happens. It came in the mail today, and had a cup with my dinner. The next few days are my fertile days so I’ll be upping my intake! Here’s to hoping 🙏🏻